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dr jeb hurley

Dr. Jeb Hurley
Managing Partner

Jeb traces his passion for helping people become better leaders and keeping team dynamics healthy to his painful experiences with toxic managers, dysfunctional teams, and low trust cultures. Over the past ten years, Jeb worked with leaders and teams in Asia and worldwide while researching leadership from a behavioral science and neuroscience perspective. He developed deep insights into the root causes of healthy and dysfunctional leader-team dynamics through that work.

Today, Jeb is a leading expert on team dynamics and high-performance leadership. As organizations have increasingly recognized the value of influencing behavior and intrinsically motivating people, Jeb develops those skills by applying behavioral science in meaningful, proven, and sustainable ways. His innovative behavioral science, neuroscience, and software-based approach to leadership and team development quickly and cost-effectively improve team performance and people’s wellbeing.

Jeb is the author of Team Relationship Management: The Science of Inspiring Trust & Peak Performance and co-founder of Xmetryx, Inc., the creator of TrustMetryx software and Brainware Partners, a team dynamics consultancy. He holds a doctorate in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in organizational behavior and the behavioral dynamics of teams.

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Elena Newton
Product & Technology

Elena excels at helping companies create products that are viable, valuable, and lovable. Her expertise is working across development, design, and business strategy to help organizations take their products to the next level. She turns customer and market insights into opportunities and brings products and services to life based on that vision.

A cross-functional leader who considers the customer at every stage of product development Elena is fearless in asking, “Are we building what matters?” She has more than 15 years of experience leading hybrid and remote product, technical service, and development teams in B2B software and services.

In 2014, Elena began working on a new approach to understanding customer experiences by measuring and tracking how people feel about an experience with a product or service versus their expectations of those experiences. She validated the idea through existing research, prototyped the concept, and began alpha testing. The substantial evidence of the approach’s effectiveness also brought a change in focus towards impacting lives at work by helping people build healthy, trusting relationships on and across teams. In 2019, Elena co-founded Xmetryx, Inc. with a mission to make the world better for everyone at work.

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