Our Approach

We develop outstanding leaders who build extraordinary teams by blending behavioral science and neuroscience-based software.

Our Team Dynamics Model™ is a powerful, proprietary approach to quickly developing new behaviors and coaching skills. Team Dynamics gives managers the six behavioral science-based soft skills that are the foundation of outstanding hybrid and remote leadership. Those skills enable managers to inspire trust, master relationships, and influence people’s behavior to achieve business results.

Our TrustMetryx Team Experience Management software puts hard metrics on the soft stuff. TrustMetryx reinforces Team Dynamics by measuring and tracking trust and the strength of relationships between teammates, with their manager, and between teams.

Together, Team Dynamics and TrustMetryx are the foundation of Dr. Hurley’s leadership consulting practice and programs. Learn about the Team Dynamics Model, the Behavioral Science for Managers program and the Executive Team Dynamics program below.

The Team Dynamics Model
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Watch the 3 Minute Overview of the Team Dynamics Model

Behavioral Science for Managers Program


Behavioral Science for Managers

Three 2-hour Workshops focused on developing the six behavioral science-based soft skills that accelerate creating trust and psychological safety and building strong relationships.

Those skills are the building blocks of outstanding hybrid and remote leadership.

Continuous Improvement

Leader Huddles

Led by Dr. Hurley, Leader Huddles reinforce soft skills by helping managers learn by doing.

Three Leader Huddles provide a forum for managers to safely discuss challenges in a facilitated, data-driven, peer-learning environment.

Feedback & Measurement


Putting hard metrics on the “soft stuff”.

By measuring and tracking the strength of employee and employee-manager relationships, TrustMetryx provides data on leader effectiveness.

TrustMetryx is included with Leader Huddles and available for ongoing use by subscription.

Measurable Results

People come away from the Behavioral Science for Managers Program with:

  • A working understanding of the six behavioral science-based soft skills that create trust and psychological safety, fire up the brain’s reward system, and enable managers to master team relationships that lead to better performance, lower turnover, and keeping culture intact.
  • Exposure to using KPIs that track success as managers influence behavior and create strong, trusting relationships on & between teams.
  • A good sense of what it takes to become an outstanding leader who builds great teams in hybrid & remote workplaces.

For Executive Teams in Fast Growing, High Change Environments

The Executive Team Dynamics Program

At the top of fast-growing organizations, the effectiveness of the executive team dramatically impacts company performance and culture. Dr. Hurley works with executive teams in growth-stage companies to ensure that as they evolve with the growth of the organization, their team dynamics stay positive and aligned.

The Executive Team Dynamics Program isn’t just leadership development training; it’s also targeted executive team coaching that changes how people show up and lead every day at work.

  • Dr. Hurley begins by gathering insights from the executive team, key stakeholders, and employees.
  • During the Gaps & Nudges Workshop we review experience versus expectation gaps, identify the two or three capabilities a leader needs to change, and develop nudges – behavior changes that will make a significant impact on team dynamics and change the performance trajectory of the organization.
  • During monthly 1-hour Executive Huddle we review progress towards goals, discuss additional areas for improvement, and develop new nudges as needed.

Measurable Results

Dr. Hurley deploys a full spectrum of solutions to help companies build the leaders they need and drive business growth. They include proprietary Trust Dynamics™ Relationship Strength Assessments and TrustMetryx™ Team Experience Management software to measure and track the strength of teammate and team member-manager relationships.

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