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We create high trust, high-performance team cultures with behavioral science and technology.

Managing Team Dynamics
Foundational Soft Skills Training


Managing Team Dynamics

This training program provides soft skill fundamentals vital to every leader and leadership team.

In three 2-hour workshops, managers learn six critical soft skills. These skills are vital to leadership as they create trust, psychological safety, and strong relationships on and between teams.

Continuous Improvement

Leader Huddles

Led by Dr. Hurley, Leader Huddles reinforce soft skills by helping managers learn by doing.

Leader Huddles provide a forum for managers to safely discuss challenges in a facilitated, data-driven, peer-learning environment.

Feedback & Measurement


Putting hard metrics on the “soft stuff”.

By measuring and tracking the strength of employee and employee-manager relationships, TrustMetryx provides data on leader effectiveness.

TrustMetryx is included with Leader Huddles and available for ongoing use by subscription.

Measurable, Observable Results

Leaders come away from the Managing Team Dynamics Program with:

  • Expertise in applying the six critical soft skills that create trust, psychological safety, and strong relationships.
  • Tools and KPIs to track success creating strong relationships on and between teams.
  • Greater mindfulness and a good sense of what it takes to become an outstanding leader who develops a high trust, high performance culture on their team.

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Executive Team Dynamics

For C-suite and Executive Teams in High Growth Companies

At the top of fast-growing organizations, the executive team’s effectiveness dramatically impacts company performance and culture.

Dr. Hurley works with executive and C-Suite teams to increase collective EQ, collaboration, and shared mindset through problem solving and behavior change. The result is a highly effective executive team positioned to lead rapid growth.

The Executive Team Dynamics Program isn’t just leadership development training; it’s intensive executive team coaching that changes how the leadership team shows up and performs every day at work.

From pre-program planning and discovery through the Gaps & Nudges workshop and Executive Huddles, Dr. Hurley takes a holistic approach to understanding and developing the team dynamics that connect vision with results.

Measurable, Observable Results

We end the program when results have been achieved – typically in 6 to 12 months – based on three factors:

  • Relationship Strength Score (RSS) of 80+ for the executive team and with key stakeholders as measured by TrustMetryx.
  • Qualitative feedback from the stakeholders specific to seeing the desired behaviors and meeting culture development or change goals.
  • Agreement among the executive team that teammates are demonstrating greater EQ and mindfulness – consciously cultivating the ability to be more present, open-minded, and compassionate with teammates and people across the organization.

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Executive Coaching

Helping People Make a Positive Difference

Whether you are an experienced executive driven to continuously improve, on a journey to executive level leadership, or the founder of a fast-growing start-up, Dr. Hurley helps maximize personal and professional potential within the context of the organization and its dynamics.

Jeb brings a systems perspective that helps the executive to see both “the forest and the trees”. He blends techniques from behavioral science and psychology along with neuroscience-based software tools to rapidly develop high-impact, positive behaviors.

Five Steps to Success

Dr. Hurley’s Executive Coaching Program revolves around his belief that the ability to foster trust, psychological safety, and build a network of strong relationships lies at the heart of successful modern leadership.

The program’s holistic approach focuses on both the executive and their key stakeholders, engaging everyone in both learning and support.

Measurable, Observable Results

The formal coaching process ends when results have been achieved – typically in 6 to 12 months – based on three factors:

  • Sustained improvement in the stakeholder TrustMetryx Relationship Strength Score.
  • Qualitative feedback from stakeholders specific to seeing the desired behaviors.
  • Meeting the expectations of the client executive.
Behaviors, Stakeholders, Feedback & Gaps, Nudges, Actions in a Cycle

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