Hybrid is the Future of Work

Unlocking the potential of your hybrid workforce and keeping culture intact can be devilishly difficult. From simple misunderstandings to behaviors that erode trust, hybrid team dynamics create a host of new challenges for team leaders.

During this 30-minute Coffee Talk, Dr. Jeb Hurley will show leaders how behavioral science can help them orchestrate a diverse group of people across time zones, generations, and cultures to deliver exceptional results.

Jeb starts with a short exploration of trust and its dynamics. He then introduces the one habit that inspires trust, unlocks people’s potential, and keeps your organization’s culture intact.

Wrapping up, Jeb gives you a quick glimpse of an innovative new research-backed assessment that blends neuroscience, behavioral science, and software to quickly get to the heart of what’s getting in the way of results and wellbeing on and across your hybrid teams.

Following the talk there will be ample time for Q&A.

Start helping your hybrid teams thrive!