Managing Partner, Dr. Jeb Hurley, combines broad strategy, operating, and leadership experience with deep expertise in behavioral science, team dynamics, and organizational development. His insight that culture is team behavior at scale is the basis of his innovative consulting and coaching approach.

Jeb works as a growth partner in assessing capabilities and developing behaviors and practices that result in a high trust, high-performance culture. His approach focuses on establishing and sustaining a foundation of trust, psychological safety, and strong relationships within and between teams.

Co-founder and Head of Product & Technology, Elena Newton, is a cross-functional leader who considers the customer at every stage of product development. She has more than 15 years of experience leading hybrid and remote product, technical service, and development teams in B2B software and services.

Elena designed and developed the Trust Dynamics Assessment™ and TrustMetryx™ software that measures and tracks the strength of relationships within and between teams – identifying opportunities to improve people, processes, and performance. TrustMetryx provides the data and insights to develop exceptional leaders who keep performance high and sustain culture as an organization grows.

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