Managing Partner, Dr. Jeb Hurley, has over 25 years of global senior leadership experience across F100 companies and startups. He combines that experience with nearly a decade of research on hybrid and remote leadership behavior and team dynamics.

Jeb is a leading expert in applying behavioral science to help managers and teams build new soft skills that effectively, efficiently, and ethically influence people’s behavior. Using his behavioral science-based Team Dynamics Model™, Jeb quickly develops new behaviors and skills that create trust and psychological safety while firing up the brain’s reward system and building strong relationships.

How we help you and your organization...

Behavioral Science for Managers

This program develops the behavioral science-based soft skills that are the building blocks of outstanding leadership.

Executive Team Dynamics

This program for executive teams ensures that as responsibilities evolve with the rapid growth of the organization executive team dynamics stay positive and aligned.

Scaling Capabilities

TrustMetryx software provides continuous feedback and measurement of trust, relationships, and team dynamics across the organization.

Case Studies

Our approach and tools have been developed and honed working with organizations from around the world. We have excelled at developing leaders and cohesive teams that deliver exceptional results.

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