Managing Partner, Dr. Jeb Hurley, combines decades of strategy, operating, and global leadership experience with deep expertise in team dynamics. He is a behavioral scientist and tech industry startup CEO with an F100 general management background. Jeb’s expertise was forged through leadership failures and successes, years of research culminating in a doctorate in Organizational Leadership, and an insatiable curiosity about why leaders do what they do.

Jeb’s exposure to toxic managers and dysfunctional teams and their effect on his behavior and well-being ignited a passion for decoding leader behavior and team dynamics. His experience working with exceptional leaders and attending leadership programs at the Center for Creative Leadership, Harvard Business School, and the Aspen Institute was the catalyst that triggered Jeb’s drive to guide leaders to positively impact people’s lives.

team sitting around the table from multiple cultures

Today, Jeb’s purpose is elevating people’s lives at work by measurably improving leadership team effectiveness. He supports leaders in delivering positive business outcomes and creating value through:

  • Building healthy team dynamics and high trust, high-performance cultures.
  • Developing high-collaboration team-based organizations.
  • Individual executive and team coaching.

In the case studies below, you can read about Jeb’s work and its impact on people and organizations.

Case Studies

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