Dr. Jeb Hurley helps leaders and leadership teams unlock their potential and maximize their impact. He combines a proven track record of success in the tech industry with a deep understanding of organizational leadership and team dynamics.

Dr. Hurley’s early career showed him the transformational power of capable leaders and the destructive impact of poor leadership on people’s well-being and performance. Frustration with organizational development programs that produced little evidence of a positive effect on organizational health and performance motivated him to find a better way. His focus on improving organizational health and performance begins with creating a solid foundation of trust, fostering psychological safety, and building strong relationships on the leadership team and across the organization.

As a multi-time co-founder/CEO and global Fortune 100 VP/GM, Dr. Hurley brings three decades of hands-on leadership experience and insights from his proprietary research to his client work. He is an expert in developing critical human skills that create healthy organizations and high-performance cultures.

Read about Jeb’s impact on people and organizations in the case studies below.

Elena Newton, the Co-founder & Head of Product & Technology at Xmetryx, Inc. is a true standout. Her unique ability to seamlessly blend the roles of CTO and CPO is a testament to her exceptional skills. She consistently delivers viable, valuable, and lovable software products.

Elena designed and developed Xmetryx AI-360 and TeamMetryx software. Both platforms use generative AI and behavioral science to identify gaps in leader and team performance and track the impact of closing those gaps.

With over 20 years of experience leading hybrid and remote product, technical service, and development teams, Elena is an expert in the entire product lifecycle. Her technical expertise includes JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and React, as well as security and various infrastructure and support elements.

Case Studies

The Problem: A 200-person engineering division spread across multiple countries and sites was suffering with mediocre engagement and performance ...

The Problem: An IT managed services and cyber security consultancy was experiencing rapid organic growth. In addition, they recently completed their first

The Problem: After years of rapid growth, a large division of a global IT company was struggling to maintain sales momentum. Silos

The Problem: An all-remote Dev Ops company was rapidly moving toward an IPO in the coming year. They had grown rapidly in

The Problem: The profit engine in the printing equipment business is consumables but for several years the channel sales teams across Asia

The Problem: A technology company was experiencing greater than 30% attrition of university graduates within the first 18 months of employment.

The Problem: The vision was to transform the book and magazine publishing and printing industry across Asia-Pacific from analog to digital production.

The Problem: Several large industrial customers of a global IT company were struggling with slowing growth, higher than planned costs, lower revenues, and disappointing ROI on new equipment.

The Problem: Digital imaging technologies were poised to rapidly transform the commercial imaging industry. The global market leader faced significant internal resistance

The Problem: A 20-year-old software company had a large customer base, slow growth, and an executive team that had become comfortable in

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