Pre-IPO Sales Team Performance

The Problem:

An all-remote Dev Ops company was rapidly moving toward an IPO in the coming year. They had grown rapidly in the prior three years and were feeling the growing pains on both culture and performance.

The Approach:

Dr. Hurley was brought in to identify the gaps getting in the way of performance, make recommendations for closing them and to help leaders keep the culture intact. Within two week’s he completed an assessment and diagnoses across 80+ sales leaders, identifying key themes and specific actions for sales and sales enablement leadership to take.

Expertise Provided:

  • Rapid Performance Assessment
  • Culture Diagnoses
  • Data-Driven Insights
  • Behavioral Change Management

Value Delivered:

By rapidly diagnosing issues getting in the way of sales team performance, Dr. Hurley gave sales managers and sales enablement leaders the insights they needed to measurably slow turnover and stabilized sales performance in the quarter prior to the IPO.


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