Scaling Innovation in Asia

The Problem:

The vision was to transform the book and magazine publishing and printing industry across Asia-Pacific from analog to digital production. However, while the technology existed there was little expertise in the region to establish and scale the business. The mission was to establish the new business in all major markets within 18 months.

The Approach:

With target ‘beach head’ accounts identified in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and China, Dr. Hurley put in place local sales and service teams. He then created a combined regional/HQ ‘special operations’ team made up of the best category managers, solution architects, sales engineers, financial modelers, and project managers.

Expertise Provided:

  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Business Scaling
  • Team Development
  • Training & Development
  • Motivation

Value Delivered:

The ‘special ops’ team enabled the right people to be on the ground at the right time across multiple countries – enabling more installations at lower cost in one year than could have been accomplished in triple that time with a country-by-country approach.






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