"Culture is executive team behavior at scale. The culture that each team creates becomes the invisible hand that shapes behavior and performance across an organization.”

— Dr. Jeb Hurley

An underperforming leadership team yield an underperforming organization. Leadership team behavior and the culture it creates can be the basis of significant competitive advantage for companies that get it right. Our innovative, behavioral science and software-based approach develops exceptional teams who create a high trust, high performance culture across your organization.


Dr. Hurley is a strategic advisor, growth partner, and catalyst in supporting the creation of team-based organizations. Jeb creates shared mindsets and aligns values by guiding leaders in making deeper team connections, uncovering the real problem, keeping the culture intact, or detoxifying a culture that has moved in the wrong direction


Leadership Team Dynamics is our core program. It is a holistic, behavioral approach to developing leadership teams. We apply insights from brain science, psychology, and behavioral science to blend how adults learn with what leaders and teams need to be effective.

The goal of this innovative program is to develop a leadership team that excels at motivating performance and inspiring a high trust culture across the organization.

Bespoke Programs

Every team’s strategic focus, collective approach, and interactions are different. Often our clients ask to bring elements of the Leadership Team Dynamics program to other teams across the organization. We’re happy to discuss adapting our behavioral science-based approach and tools to best suit the needs of your organization.

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