"Culture is leadership team behavior at scale. It is the invisible hand that shapes behavior and performance across an organization.”

— Dr. Jeb Hurley


How We're Different

Most leadership and team development approaches fail to meet expectations. The failed because leadership and team development can’t be programmed and productized into a silver bullet. They failed because the success metrics are wrong. And ultimately, they failed because new skills didn’t stick, and behavior change didn’t scale.

By blending behavioral neuroscience, organizational psychology, and proprietary software technology, we ensure new skills stick and behavior change scales – transforming leadership teams and helping them craft high-trust, high-performance cultures.

Team Transformation that Drives Performance

Our cutting-edge, skills-based Leadership Team Dynamics Program cultivates specific soft skills critical to leadership team effectiveness and building a cohesive team of teams across your organization.

We improve leadership team collaboration and performance by creating a foundation of trust, psychological safety, and strong relationships.

Team coaching, individual executive coaching, ongoing soft skill reinforcement, and continuous feedback ensure that new skills stick, and behavior change scales.

Organizational Consulting that Unlocks Potential

Dr. Hurley’s approach to helping solve your most formidable team and culture challenges goes beyond the traditional ‘diagnose-design-deliver’ model. He listens carefully, helps understanding real problems at the system level, and collaborates with leaders to drive change across the organization. Dr. Hurley provides practical, effective approaches that empower leaders to make a real difference.

Every team’s strategic focus, collective approach, and interactions are different. We’re happy to discuss adapting our approach to suit your organization’s needs.

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