A holistic, behavioral science-based approach to sustaining culture as you scale.

Culture is Team Behavior at Scale

The culture that people create becomes the invisible hand that shapes behavior and performance. Dr. Hurley combines broad strategy, operating, and leadership experience with deep expertise in team and organizational dynamics as he helps you keep culture as you scale.

Jeb’s innovative approach focuses on establishing a foundation of trust, psychological safety, and strong relationships among both operating and executive teams. He sets specific goals, develops plans and programs tied to value creation, and works with key stakeholders to implement them.

Culture & Performance Consulting

Jeb helps leaders see the blind spots and cultural dynamics that are getting in the way of peak performance on teams or across an organization. He uses a combination of mental models, behavioral science, training programs, and software tools to develop EQ, greater mindfulness and achieve clearly defined goals.

Managing Team Dynamics

This foundational program develops EQ, mindfulness and critical soft skills in front line and middle managers of any size organization. Those skills are the building blocks of outstanding team leadership and high trust relationships that sustain culture as an organization grows.

Executive Team Dynamics

This program is for executive and C-suite teams in growth-stage companies. Leaders will increase their EQ and mindfulness while ensuring that as responsibilities evolve with rapid growth team dynamics stay positive and aligned with the mission and culture.

Scaling Capabilities

TrustMetryx and Trust Dynamics provide scalable, evidenced-based digital assessment and development tools that incorporate learning into day-to-day work.

Case Studies

Our approach and tools have been developed and honed working with organizations from around the world. We have excelled at developing leaders and cohesive teams that deliver exceptional results.

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