A holistic, behavioral science-based approach to leadership and culture development that scales.

“Culture is team behavior at scale. The culture that each team creates becomes the invisible hand that shapes behavior and performance across an organization.” — Dr. Jeb Hurley

Dr. Hurley focuses on creating high trust and high-performance cultures in fast growing organizations by developing exceptional leaders at all organizational levels. During his consulting engagement Jeb delivers a bespoke combination of behavioral science-based training, individual and team coaching, and proprietary neuroscience-based software. Jeb’s innovative approach creates shared mindsets, values, and culture while embedding those skills and behaviors and ensuring that they stick.


Jeb acts as a catalyst helping create shared mindsets, values, and culture. Whether he’s working across teams in a fast-growing company or bridging cultures in a merger, Jeb sees and diagnoses team dynamics issues early, prescribes solutions, and helps leaders implement them.


Jeb partners with executives in a thought-provoking and creative process that uncovers intrinsic motivations and inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Soft Skills Training

Managers learn the six soft skills that create trust, psychological safety, and strong relationships on and between teams. Skills that are essential to becoming an effective coach and developing a high trust, high-performance team culture.

Executive Team Coaching

This program is built on the principle that leadership is a team sport. We focus on increasing collective EQ, collaboration, and shared mindset through problem solving and behavior change. The result is a highly effective executive team positioned to lead rapid growth.

Scaling Capabilities & Culture

Our proprietary TrustMetryx™ and Team Dynamics Assessment™ software provide scalable, evidenced-based measurement and tracking of how effectively leaders are managing team dynamics and incorporating learning into their day-to-day work.

Case Studies

Our approach and tools have been developed and honed working with organizations from around the world. We have excelled at developing leaders and cohesive teams that deliver exceptional results.

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