"Culture is leadership team behavior at scale. It is the invisible hand that shapes behavior and performance across an organization.”

— Dr. Jeb Hurley

An underperforming leadership team yield an underperforming organization. While individual leader behavior is important, it is leadership team behavior and the culture it creates that are the basis of significant competitive advantage for companies that get it right.

Organizational Consulting & Leadership Team Development

Dr. Jeb Hurley works with executive leaders and their teams as a strategic advisor, growth partner, and coach as he helps solve the most complex people and culture challenges. His holistic, behavioral science and software-based approach is highly effective in helping leadership teams collaborate better and significantly improve their ability to solve people challenges – especially during periods of change and uncertainty such as rapid growth, M&A, or restructuring.

Our Core Program

Leadership Team Dynamics is our program for leadership team alignment and behavior change. Leaders develop skills and behaviors that establish trust, psychological safety, and stronger connections on their team. They thrive more as individuals, operate better as a team, and coach better as bosses. The result is that leadership words and actions become culture at scale.

Team Dynamics integrates ongoing soft skill development, team coaching, and individual executive coaching. Throughout the program, we use our proprietary TrustMetryx behavior change software to provide the feedback, measurement, and nudges that reinforce behavior change.

Custom Programs

As every team’s strategic focus, collective approach, and interactions are different. We’re happy to discuss adapting our behavioral science-based approach and tools to best suit the needs of your organization.

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