"Culture is leadership team behavior at scale. It is the invisible hand that shapes behavior and performance across an organization.”

— Dr. Jeb Hurley


Organization Coaching & Consulting

Dr. Jeb Hurley works with executive leaders and their teams to improve team dynamics, develop leadership capabilities, and increase organizational effectiveness. Jeb’s holistic, behavioral science and software-based approach works at-scale, making behavior change a part of every leader’s day-to-day work so they operate better as a team, thrive more individually, and coach better as bosses.

Transforming Team Dynamics & Development

Our Leadership Team Dynamics program provides a framework for building trust, psychological safety, and stronger connections on the leadership team and across the organization. By leveraging neurobiology, priciples of applied psychology, and proprietary technology leaders connect the dots between purpose and values, behavior change, and performance.

Leadership Team Dynamics integrates soft skill development, team coaching, and individual executive coaching with continuous feedback and measurement. We use our proprietary TrustMetryx software to measure leader behavior and team dynamics affect people’s work experience and performance. TrustMetryx feedback provides powerful insights for dynamically steering coaching conversations and incorporating nudges that drive behavior change into managers day-to-day work.

Custom Programs

As every team’s strategic focus, collective approach, and interactions are different. We’re happy to discuss adapting our behavioral science-based approach and tools to best suit the needs of your organization.

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