Rethinking Soft Skills for Hybrid & Remote Leadership

How Behavioral Science Can Keep Performance High, Turnover Low, and Culture Intact

What does it take to become an outstanding leader who builds great teams in hybrid & remote workplaces?

Leading is hard, and today’s managers are stretched more than ever. Those leaders who understand and effectively influence people’s behavior are more successful in keeping performance high, turnover low, and company culture intact.

During this discussion, Dr. Jeb Hurley introduces you to the behavioral science-based soft skills that create trust and psychological safety, fire up the brain’s reward system, and enable managers to master team relationships.

Those skills are the building blocks of outstanding hybrid and remote leadership. They are essential to people developing a team mindset, delivering better performance through greater collaboration, and experiencing improved wellbeing.

This talk is ideal for team leaders and their managers, growth-stage executive teams, and L&D executives. Jeb uses an interactive workshop style format with several short presentations and discussions, followed by a summary and general Q&A.

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