Coffee Talks with Dr. Jeb Hurley

During his early career in Europe, Jeb discovered his love for a perfectly crafted espresso and engaging conversation. He brought this passion to the workplace, hosting regular ‘coffee talks’ for colleagues to share business challenges and ideas for addressing them.

To this day, Jeb continues this tradition by regularly meeting with leadership teams to discuss people and performance challenges in their organization.

Jeb has over 30 years of experience in senior corporate and startup leadership roles in the tech industry, giving him a practical perspective on the realities of organizational life. Additionally, a decade of research into the behavioral dynamics of organizations and teams has provided Jeb with a profound understanding of what motivates people, performance, and culture. This unique combination makes for lively and informative conversations.
two coffee cups with chat bubbles
Coffee Talk sessions are highly interactive and typically run 45 to 60 minutes.

Coffee Talk Feedback

“The best hour we’ve spent as a leadership team in months.”

“Brilliant in its clarity and simplicity – why aren’t we focused on building this habit?”

“When can Dr. Hurley come back and continue this conversation?”

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