The Challenges of
Modern Leadership

Coffee Talks with Dr. Jeb Hurley

While living and working in Europe, Jeb discovered the delights of blending a perfect espresso with engaging conversation. He developed a habit of holding regular ‘coffee talks’ to share ideas with his teams and customers as well as industry executives and experts.

Today, Jeb continues that coffee talk tradition both in-person and virtually. His most popular talk focuses on three behaviors shared by extraordinary teams – behaviors that any team can adopt. Jeb can also customize his coffee talk to discuss a culture, leadership, or team dynamics topic specific to your team or organization.

Jeb’s more than 30-years of senior corporate and startup leadership experience gives him a practical, “I’ve walked in those shoes and sat in that chair” perspective on the realities of organizational life. Nearly a decade of doctoral and post-doctoral research into the behavioral dynamics of teams have given him a deep understanding of what drives people, performance, and culture.

two coffee cups with chat bubbles

Coffee Talk sessions are complimentary, highly interactive, and typically run 45 to 60 minutes.

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