Creating a Team of Teams

The Problem:

An IT managed services and cyber security consultancy was experiencing rapid organic growth. In addition, they recently completed their first merger as part of a longer-term M&A strategy. The combination of rapid growth and merger were putting significant strains on the management teams capabilities and placing the company’s healthy, high trust culture at risk.

The Approach:

The CEO engaged Dr. Hurley as a strategic advisor, growth partner, and catalyst in supporting the creation of a team-based organizational model, improving leadership team effectiveness, and evolving the organizational culture to keep it high trust and high performing.

Expertise Provided:

  • Executive Team Dynamics
  • Organizational Design & Development
  • People Strategy
  • Executive Coaching
  • Change Management

Value Delivered:

The teams delivered a portfolio of innovative digital products, supported them with internal training and a customer change management program that led to successful transformations. While the broader company transformation failed, the commercial portfolio developed by Dr. Hurley’s team was the foundation of what remains of the core company offering today.






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