Trust Dynamics

Assessment & Virtual Coaching

Unlock the Potential of Your Workforce and Keep Your Culture Intact

Managing the Future of Work

But unlocking the potential of your hybrid or remote workforce and keeping culture intact can be devilishly difficult.

From simple misunderstandings to behaviors that erode trust, hybrid team dynamics create a host of new challenges for team leaders.

Now that you’ve shifted to a hybrid workforce, ensure your team leaders are prepared to overcome the challenges of teams working together to thrive.

Trust is the Key to Teams that Thrive

The Trust Dynamics Assessment is a research-backed diagnostic tool that blends neuroscience, behavioral science, and software to quickly get to the heart of what’s getting in the way of results and wellbeing on and across your hybrid teams.

Trust Dynamics Assessment

Backed by decades of research, the Trust Dynamics Assessment measures trust and relationship strength, and assesses the impact of behavior to identify specific opportunities for improvement:

  • Among Teammates
  • With the Team Leader
  • Between Your Team and Other Teams
  • On Values Within Your Team
  • On People’s Wellbeing and Happiness

Each Trust Dynamics report contains detailed Experience Maps and verbatim feedback plus analysis, and recommended actions.

1:1 Virtual Coaching

During the virtual coaching session, each team leader will meet with Dr. Jeb Hurley, the leading expert on trust and team dynamics. Jeb helps each team leader understand the insights and implications of the feedback and provides:

  • Analysis and recommendation for each of the key areas.
  • Discussion around behavioral change and recommended nudges.
  • Tips for getting the most out of the assessment.
  • Q&A

Learn more about Dr. Jeb Hurley.

Trust Dynamics Assessment & Virtual Coaching

The Trust Dynamics Assessment and Virtual coaching includes:

  • A five-point baseline assessment of team trust and relationship strength including: team, team leader, cross-team, wellbeing, and values.
  • A detailed report containing Experience Maps, analysis, and recommendations for each key area, plus recommended actions, and a summary of behavioral insights.
  • 30-minutes of team leadership coaching with Dr. Jeb Hurley. During your coaching session you’ll focus on:
    • Understanding the insights and implications of the feedback.
    • Specific behavioral change opportunities and recommended nudges.
collection of elements tied together with TrustMetryx
TrustMetryx tools

Developed by Xmetryx Co-Founder Elena Newton, TrustMetryx blends neuroscience, behavioral science, and software to break down organizational silos and strengthen ties on and between hybrid and remote teams.

The TrustMetryx Team Dynamics platform provides leaders with the right insights from the right people at the right time to drive the right results.

Gather Insights

Start by focusing on the key areas for improvement. Regularly capture insights on the behaviors that decrease productivity and well-being.

Nudge New Behaviors

Use those insights to help you and your team work together to create Precision Nudges to close gaps and strengthen team relationships.

Track Progress

Watch your team progress with KPIs: Relationship Strength Score (RSS), Engagement (team participation), and Nudges (gaps closed) over time.

Continuous Learning

Continuously get better with Brainware Academy,™ helping you learn to lead change, build trust, and have a great day working with great people.

Start Helping Your Teams Thrive.