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Putting Hard Metrics on the "Soft Stuff"

TrustMetryx Team Experience Management software measures and tracks the strength of relationships between teammates, with their manager, and between teams.

With TrustMetryx, you keep performance high, turnover low, and culture intact.

Relationships are the foundation of your organization. With TrustMetryx, you know immediately if you have cracks in the foundation of your organization and if actions to fix them are working.

Gather Insights

Quickly capture insights on the behaviors that reduce performance, increase turnover, and harm culture.

Nudge Change

Use those insights to bring people together to create nudges that close gaps and strengthen relationships.

Measure Progress

Show your progress with key metrics: Relationship Strength Score (RSS), Engagement (team participation), and Nudges (gaps closed) over time.

Trust Dynamics

Relationship Strength Assessment

How Strong is the Foundation of Your Organization?

Backed by decades of research, the Trust Dynamics Assessment measures relationship strength, identifies gaps in what teammates expect from one another or their leadership versus their actual experience, and recommends specific opportunities for improvement.

The Relationship Strength Assessment can be focused on any combination of five relationship dynamics within your organization:

  • Among Colleagues
  • With the Leadership Team
  • Between Functions or Teams
  • Progress with Diversity & Inclusion
  • Support of People’s Wellbeing and Happiness

Each Trust Dynamics report contains detailed Experience Maps and verbatim feedback plus analysis, and recommended actions. The assessment also includes a 30-minute review of results with Dr. Jeb Hurley that covers:

  • The insights and implications from the feedback.
  • Specific behavioral change opportunities.