Transforming the Book Printing & Publishing Industry in Asia-Pacific

The Problem

A dramatic shift in the economics of the book publishing industry driven by on-line, just-in-time models, e-books, and audio books was disrupting the market. Book printer margins were being squeezed, but their analog presses and workflows with their high labor costs left little room for cost cutting.

The Approach

Dr. Hurley created and led a cross-functional team of solution architects, workflow specialists, financial modeling experts, business development experts, and change managers to transform the book printing businesses from analog to digital. His approach combined product, business, and people change into a holistic program with an emphasis on measurable behavior change from executives and salespeople to the factory floor.

Expertise Provided


Value Delivered

Over 18-months, the team successfully converted major book production facilities in China, Japan, and Australia from analog to digital. Those businesses and their stakeholders now had a bright future with a sustainable business model and new opportunities for growth.

18 Months

Six Transformations

Internal Targets & Customer Metrics (SLAs) Achieved

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